Thursday, August 27, 2015

We are an inspirational bunch of human structural & civil engineers based in London. We do everything engineering and other stuff too...planning, environmental, artistic and cultural projects, as well as bridges, skyscrapers, airports, river engineering and commercial and residential developments to major infrastructure planning, locally and worldwide, from £30,000 up to £400million.

Founded in 1999 by Prof, Chris Wise and Sean Walsh, the practice aims to deliver high-quality, creative engineering to projects. We do civil and environmental infrastructure engineering under the direction of Ed McCann, and we are moving into buildings physics and sustainable master planning. This leadership team has been further strengthened by the appointment of Andrew Weir & Julia Ratcliffe as Directors in 2011. Because of our strategic value, we are often appointed first on projects.

We believe in controlled risk for high reward for our clients. The way we approach our work is innovative, leading edge, and interactive, and we believe the end quality of our projects justifies the means. A significant new chapter in the life of our experimental practice began in 2008, when Expedition’s owner gave away their shares to the Useful Simple Trust. Useful Simple us an Employee Benefit Trust. Expeditions founders made this change in part to create ethical and sustainable succession plan, and to help broaden our activities.

Expedition now has three sister companies under the Useful Simple umbrella: MustRD, conducting research and development. Think UP, active in the field of education design, and award-winning communication design practice Thomas. Matthews. Together, our aim is to blaze a trail in the ethical, integrated and intelligent provisions of the human environment.