Interview Advice



LOOK THE PART | Pre-interview it’s good to judge the profile of the consultancy that you are being interviewed by. Some consultancies still like candidates’ to wear a suit, however, a growing number of consultancies have a dress-down studio environment and it is critical that you look the part. We will advise you pre-interview if you are in-doubt.

RESEARCH & PLANNING | The two most important areas when preparing for an interview. At Walker Dendle Technical we offer practical advice on how to talk yourself into the job that you want with honest, informative guidance beforehand and constructive feedback after the interview.




RESEARCH | Before going for an interview you should thoroughly research the business including their website, LinkedIn profile and on-line searches as well as looking at individuals within the business.

COMPANY PORTFOLIO & PROFILE | We will discuss with you the job specification, the consultancy, its profile in the marketplace and their current requirements.

YOUR PORTFOLIO | You will need to take copies of best drawings and/or design calculations including hand-sketches and chose as much variation as possible including more obscure work.

DOCUMENTATION | Copies of other documentation you've produced like cad standards or structural reports. Also company marketing project sheets from your current company (good discussion tools). Offer copies to be retained by the client.




CONFIDENT & KNOWLEDGEABLE | Ensure that you are confident with the details on your CV and expand where asked and with the job specification in mind, be prepared to discuss specific examples of competencies and achievements in your current and previous roles. Be relaxed, but not over-confident.

LISTEN & TAKE YOUR TIME | Take time to answer questions and do not rush or jump in with the first thing that enters your head.  Well thought out and measured answers are far more valuable than quick fire statements.

QUESTIONS | Have a list of questions set out beforehand that show a real interest in the company and role, as well as demonstrating an informed approach.  Ask open-ended questions to glean as much information as you can from the interviewer.  This will prove essential in making the right decision and will also offer the opportunity for you to interview a prospective employer.

SMALL TALK | Be prepared for 'small talk'. Current topics to demonstrate knowledge, communication skills and the ability to work in a team.




CALL US FIRST | Your consultant will need your feedback at the earliest opportunity and prior to talking with the consultancy.

FEEDBACK | We will always contact the company for its’ feedback and deliver it in an honest, open and constructive fashion to prepare you for the next stage.